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6 Classes Discovered Dating In Russia While Training Russian

6 Classes Discovered Dating In Russia While Training Russian

Stephanie Ford • 11 min read • 12

Today’s post is through Stephanie, another Australian who may have started Russian that is learning while in Russia.

In this post she stocks about her experience as a lady dating in Russia while learning the language. It is an interest we have actually a great deal to state about myself as I experienced a Russian gf within my amount of time in Kazan that we partly credit with assisting me discover the language therefore quickly (links to my tale below).

So that it’s interesting to listen to another perspective – especially one which respects the standard values of Russian culture. ??

Russia is portrayed to your western as a cool, difficult destination with a few magical architecture, variety vodka shots, and a frontrunner whom dances with bears and whom, for many unfathomable explanation, never ever wears a shirt.

The folks are portrayed within the countless US movies featuring Russians as spies or people of gangs whom continue steadily to make reference to one another solely as comrade (which, incidentally, is just a term that came into English through the Romance languages and it is generally not very a word that is russian!